Ify Mora, Co-President
The Barr Foundation
Alejandra St. Guillen, Co-President
Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement
Enoes Andujar, Treasurer
Hyde Square Task Force
Amel Arhab, Clerk
Deloitte Consulting
David Bassett
Mayor's Office of Workforce Development
Alberto Calvo
Stop and Compare Supermarkets
Yongmei Chen
Eastern Bank 
Doug Clowes
The Clowes Foundation
Jesús Gerena
Family Independence Initiative
Myrna Guerrero-McCabe
Kayem Foods, Inc. 
Maria Harris
Boston Public Schools; Department of Adult Education 
Lara Mérida
Boston Redevelopment Authority
Daniel Sherman
The Boston Foundation
Navjeet Singh
National Fund for Workforce Solutions
Kerline Tofuri
PID/Jou Nouvo and Codman Square Health Center